Safety First
Keeping employees safe through a ‘Safety First’ Mantra, with an integrated full service system clients not only save time but will reduce injury and incident rates, resulting in reduced costs but importantly a workforce who go home the same way they come to work – in one piece.

Risk and Safety Management
We use a highly configurable safety solution system with a powerful compliance system in line with ISO 45001. This system employs easy to use interactive dashboards and mobile applications, which includes customization such as:
• Risk Hazard Identification
• Incident Investigations
• Inspections
• Injury Management
• Training Management.
This system assists with a better understanding of how to manage workplace safety by integrating hazard and incident reporting with investigating, actions and reports. It increases staff participation by providing a system that is easily accessed and encourages employee involvement. With the integration of our safety management system and employment management system, we can guarantee the information is uploaded against all candidates, enabling clients to access all their information required with ease.

Injury Management System
Injury management and Return to work are complex and demanding areas to manage for which many businesses fail to do so, our Injury management system is designed to make it easy to support our staff to complete their responsibilities and help our injured candidates return to the workplace faster, more educated and fully recovered. The Injury Management system and Return to Work system provides all the tools we need to manage processes, documentation, and notifications. These include:
• Return to Work Plans and Notes.
• Hazards, risk, Incident and injury reporting.
• Client site Risk assessments

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