How to interact with MADDi

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We are continuously training MADDi on a range of tasks. It is able to fetch and update information for you that is related to your employment or job seeking status – and it’s always learning new ways to assist you, too. Interact with MADDi like you are talking to a consultant. It will try its best to understand your request and provide you with the information you seek.

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Getting started with MADDi

MADDi’s here to help! To begin, though, it will need to verify your details. When you first ask MADDi a question, it will request you to provide your email address. Once you do this, MADDi will send a verification code to your email. Type that code back in the chat and you’ll be all set up and ready to start chatting.

Here are some examples of what MADDi is trained for:

Did you forget your Portal password or are you having trouble logging in?

Ask MADDi:
  • Can you reset my password?
  • Reset my password.


Would you like to know where your next shift is?

Ask MADDi:
  • Can you tell me where my next shift is?
  • Where is my next shift?
  • My next shift.


Want to update your availability?

MADDi can update your diary to ensure you’re not placed on a shift that you’re unavailable for.

Tell MADDi:
  • I can’t work tomorrow.
  • I cannot work next week.
  • I cannot work next weekend.
  • I cannot work Tue and Wednesday next week.
  • I am not available next month.

Make sure to state “can’t work / cannot work / not available” and specify the exact date (today/tomorrow, next week, Monday, Friday, specific date, etc.)


Need help with your timesheet?

Ask MADDi:
  • How do I submit my timesheet?
  • When is my timesheet due?
  • Where do I submit my timesheet?


Looking for work?

Ask MADDi:
  • What jobs are available?
  • Are there any shifts available?
  • New jobs


Update your mobile number.

Say to MADDi:
  • Can you update my mobile number?
  • Update my mobile number.


Update your address details.

Say to MADDi:
  • Can you update my address?
  • Update my address.


Update your profile pic.

Say to MADDi:
  • Can you update my profile pic?
  • Update my profile pic.


Update a copy of your license or passport.

Say to MADDi:
  • Can I update a copy of my passport?
  • Update copy of my license.

Create an account.

Say to MADDi:
  • Create my portal user
  • Create my portal account
  • Provide me portal access

Find out what MADDi can do

If you’re ever having trouble chatting to MADDi, just say the word “Menu”. This will provide you with a list of items that MADDi is currently trained on. You can also say “Guide” to get a link back to this page and a list of frequently asked questions.

When you forget to respond to MADDi

When MADDi has asked you to provide information and you don’t respond, it will acknowledge that and will “go away for now.” This cancels your request for the time being. To reactivate MADDi, you just need to ask it another question.

Train MADDi

MADDi is already trained on frequently asked questions – but you are able to help develop it further. If a task, question or request is unknown, MADDi will inform you that it will need training. You will be given the option to click “Learn” or “Cancel”. Click on “Learn” to prompt a feedback process; click on “Cancel” if you do not wish to proceed.

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