Our goal is to further enhance the workforce experience by driving outcomes through digital and technological solutions to better serve candidates, through personalisation, intuitive response based on behaviour and segmentation according to personally identified needs. This approach reduces manual handling by staff within businesses, through automation of processes and repetitive tasks.

MADDi is a smart Ai chatbot operating through Facebook’s. Messenger platform, making it easily accessible from all devices. It works in real-time to source and update all the information employees require with regard to work shifts, personal information, availability and payslips. MADDI is linked to our Employment Management Platform, and works across the database to access and retrieve specific candidate information and respond to questions based on the information available.

OBi simplifies and streamlines the process of gathering candidate information, in preparation for employment. Using technology to trigger next steps, OBi saves time on manual processing and ensure candidate profiles are personalised, complete and secure.

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